At Global & Smart, we believe that meaningful beauty can help to redistribute our attention to equity in social relations.

We reclaim the meaning of the good in products by helping makers tell their stories.

The Irish-born British novelist and philosopher, Dame Iris Murdoch, wrote that, a “genuine mysteriousness attaches to the idea of goodness and the Good.” We acknowledge this mystery in a world where the distance between goodness and reality can be vast, and where many of the products we buy are merely “imitations of good.”

But when a product really is good, it’s a different thing entirely. Such goods shine with virtue; with stories inherent to their worth.

Beginning with who made the product, where, and how, Global & Smart makes space for this story and brings it to light – creatively, courageously and practically.

Our commitment is to exploring what it means to be authentically and beautifully good, and telling these stories in a way that affects lives for the better.